Laser Hair Removal

Newest technology of 810nm diode laser targets hair follicle germinal matrix to permanently remove the hair root. Due to advanced innovations and longer wavelength, this laser safely removes hair for all skin types. The 1064nm ND YAG laser can also safely remove hair in all skin types. Newest advancements in Intense Pulsed Light can also be utilized depending on patient selection. Multiple treatments are necessary since the laser can only destroy the hair root in the active growing phase. Treatments are well tolerated with topical anesthetics and cool blasts from the Zimmer Chiller.

What Is Laser Hair Removal and How Does It Work?

Laser Hair Removal is a type of medical treatment that incorporates the light and pulsation from advanced laser technology to remove unwanted hair. It has proven to be most effective on dark, coarse hair, especially for individuals with light skin tone. It works when the light transmitted through the beam of the laser passes through the skin and penetrates the hair follicle. Heat transferred from the laser damages the follicle, inhibiting natural growth. The laser light used in the 1064 ND YAG Laser is designed to target melanin or pigmentation. This is why it is easy to target dark hair on light skin.

Laser Hair Removal is not as effective on light-colored hair, but it is not impossible to perform. Laser Hair Removal is not recommended for individuals with dark colored skin because they are at higher risk for skin discoloration caused by the contact made to the surface of the skin when the laser is in use.

Can The Lasers Used For Hair Removal Be Used to Treat Other Medical Conditions?

In addition to removing unwanted hair, this process can also be used as a treatment option for ingrown hairs or pilonidal cysts. Common areas for treatment include the chin, upper lip, pubic region, abdomen, and armpits.

What Happens After a Hair Removal Treatment?

The area that has been treated may be red or swollen for the first couple hours following the treatment. The stinging sensation may linger for a couple of days, but most patients return to their normal activities following their session. For the first few weeks after treatment, it is best to avoid sun exposure. Final results differ from person to person. Hair targeted during the treatment should begin to shed within three weeks.

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