Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal: Made Possible By Today’s Advanced Laser Technology

The Q-switch Laser by Quanta Lasers built in Italy utilizes specific wavelengths of lasers to target all colors of ink effectively. It is safe for all skin types without the complications of hypopigmentation, blisters or superficial burns. The laser vaporizes the ink, turning the liquid ink into microscopic solids which will be eliminated by the immune system and lymphatics of the patient. Multiple treatments are necessary for the complete removal of a tattoo, though some patients chose to lighten the tattoo for easier cover-up tattoos in the future.

Tattoo Removal At A Glance

The art of tattooing has been around for hundreds of years, and millions of individuals around the globe have experienced the excitement of getting a tattoo for the first time. Most individuals believe tattoos are small pieces of art that represent something significant, such as another person, object, or a memorable event in their life. Getting a tattoo is a personal choice. Deciding to remove a tattoo is also a personal choice and one that Anew Laser M.D. takes very seriously. It doesn’t matter if a client is removing a name from a past relationship or fading a current tattoo to allow for a cover-up, we aim to deliver safe, comfortable, and effective tattoo removal.

Why Consider Laser Tattoo Removal?

Although there are other methods available for removing unwanted ink, Laser Tattoo Removal has proven to be the most effective method. Removing a tattoo with a laser has a decreased amount of risks in comparison to other tattoo removal methods. The procedure is non-invasive, and there is no downtime following each treatment. With high-tech laser technology designed to remove any color of ink from all skin types, the chance of scarring is minimal, and the results are breathtaking.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

High-intensity laser lights penetrate areas of the skin that contain tattoo ink. The heat from the laser breaks up the pigment into smaller particles, which are naturally carried out of the body through the immune system. Each tattoo requires a different treatment process, and the number of sessions needed to remove the tattoo entirely is determined by five factors; the size, the color, the age, the location, and whether or not the tattoo was done by a professional or an amateur (stick and poke.) It can take anywhere from 3-15 sessions to remove a tattoo, but tattoos that contain dark colors, like black and blue, show immediate results because the color of the ink absorbs the light beams completely.

What Should Happen Before The First Treatment?

Although laser tattoo removal has minimal side effects and does not require downtime after each treatment, those who receive treatments should know what is necessary for a successful session. The area where the tattoo is located should be shaved and free of bacteria and blemishes. This is important because outside substances can affect the tattoo removal process and the overall condition of the patient’s skin. Performing laser tattoo removal treatments on patients who have been exposed to sunlight or tanning beds for long periods of time is not recommended because the patient’s skin is more susceptible to Hypopigmentation, also known as skin discoloration.

What Happens After Each Treatment?

After each treatment has been completed, allow time for the treated area of skin to cool. During each session, a cooling device, known as the “Zimmer” will continuously blow cold air onto the surface to ease any discomfort. If the treated area of skin is not cooled entirely within a few minutes, and an ice pack can be used to lower the temperature. Exposure to the sun and tanning beds following each treatment is not recommended because the skin is in the process of healing, and harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays will further damage the surface, and cause the area to blister.

Laser Tattoo Removal Statistics 2017The Average Age of Tattoo Removal Patients Falls Between The Ages of 24-39 Years Old

Americans Have Tattoos
of Tattoo Removal Patients Had Tattoos That Contained the Name of Someone From a Past Relationship
of Tattooed Individuals Regret Their Ink
of Tattoo Removal Patients Had Poorly Designed Tattoos
of Tattoo Removal Patients Are Female
of Tattoo Removal Patients Pursued a Career That Did Not Support Visible Tattoo Ink
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